Private nursing homes claim discrimination under Fair Deal scheme

A new report by Nursing Homes Ireland shows  HSE nursing homes in Longford  being paid 114% more per resident, per week, than private and voluntary counterparts in the county under the Fair Deal Scheme.

The same report says that HSE nursing homes in Leitrim are being paid 68% more per resident per week, and HSE run centres in Roscommon are being paid 76% per resident a week more than the private and voluntary sectors.

The CEO of Hursing Homes Ireland Tadgh Daly says the state is effectively applying mass discrimination against older people supported by Fair Deal in private homes.

He says private and voluntary homes have had to close their doors due to fees payable under Fair Deal not being sustainable.

Nursing Homes Ireland says the discrimination by the state in the the nursing homes sector is compounded by its failure to publish a review of the Fair Deal pricing mechanism which is overdue by three years now.