PODCAST: Former journalist, Emily O’Reilly ‘intrigued’ by latest reports surrounding Ann Lovett

Emily O’Reilly was one of the first journalists who covered the tragedy of the young mother and her son who died after childbirth in the church grotto in Granard in January 1984.

While two inquiries at the time yeilded no results on what happened and why she chose not to seek help, a recent Irish Times interview with her then boyfriened Ricky O’ Donnell claim there are still people who have more information that can shed light on the tragedy.

Emily O’Reilly who covered the story for the Sunday Tribune at the time and brought it to the national attention spoke to MaryClaire about Rosita Boland’s recent feature with Ann’s boyfriend.


MaryClaire first asked Emily if she was aware of the new information and the connection with Richard McDonnell.