OPW propose plans to reconnect Royal Canal and Longford town

Proposals to connect the recently refurbished Longford Royal Canal Spur and rejuvenate the Market Square area were presented by OPW architects to Longford Municipal District at a special meeting this morning.

The plans were drawn up after a meeting in March of this year with OPW architects, members of Longford council’s regeneration team and Senior Head Planner Donal MacBheatha, and local councillor Gerry Warnock.

The group visited the canal spur and the Market Square on the day, and this morning proposals on how to link the canal spur, the former canal basin, to areas of interest in the rest of Longford town were unveiled.

Part of the proposals would be to develop public amenity features at Market Square and Harbour View including the possibility of an amphitheatre on the rear parking lot on the square.

The plan was generally welcomed by councillors but it was also pointed out that the dream of bringing the canal right back onto the market square couldn’t be ruled out totally.

Terry Rooney from Longford council who’s in charge of regeneration plans in the town says the plans are a good basis from which to start a public discussion on the issue.