No same sex marriages in Longford last year

Catholic ceremonies are still the most common form of marriage across Longford Leitrim and Roscommon.

Data from the CSO shows that Longford has the least diverse range of marriage ceremonies with both Leitrim and Roscommon registering marriages across many religions and same sex couples.

There were 102 catholic marriages in Longford last year, 4 Church of Ireland ceremonies and Longford 45 civil marriages.


There were no same sex marriages at all in 2018.

There’s greater diversity within marriage in both Roscommon and Leitrim.

In Roscommon, 199 couples chose to marry in the catholic church, there were no Church of Ireland marriages but 11 were within the Spiritualist Union of Ireland.

There were 34 civil marriages and 11 within the humanist association

There were 5 ceremonies of other religious denominations.

In terms of same sex marriages, there was 1 male same sex marriage within the Spiritualist Union of Ireland, 2 female civil ceremonies and 1 humanist female same sex marriage

Turning to county Leitrim, there were 122 catholic marriages in 2018, 5 Church of Ireland ceremonies, and 3 from the Spiritualist Union of Ireland.

There were 32 civil marriages and 3 humanist ceremonies took place.

8 marriages within other denominations are registered.

There was one same sex union in the county, 1 male marriage took place within the Spiritualist Union of Ireland and there were 2 female same sex civil ceremonies registered in the county last year.