Minister for Climate Action says Shannonside people will save hundreds annually from carbon tax

The Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment is defending the carbon tax announced in yesterday’s budget, saying it will help people across the Shannonside region to save hundreds each year on fuel costs.

Speaking on the Joe Finnegan show this morning, Minister Bruton pointed out that the funds raised through the carbon tax are all being put back into various initiatives aimed at helping more people change their homes to a more energy efficient rating and alleviate the danger of fuel poverty.

The Climate Action Minister says some of the money is being set aside for a special scheme in the midlands counties which will see energy efficient works being carried out first of all on social or local authority owned housing and then being spread out to other homeowners who have had a strong reliance on fossil fuels for heating.


He says people whose homes are worked on stand to save €1,200 a year in fuel costs every year: