Micheal Carrigy rejects claims by political rival Joe Flaherty over funding for local authority

A Longford councillor has refuted claims by fellow local representative Joe Flaherty that 43 cent of every euro spent by the county council is funded by the people.

The Fianna Fáil councillor made the comments at a meeting of Longford County Council last week, where a 2020 budget of €48million was approved.

However, Cllr Micheál Carrigy claims the comments are not accurate and that the actual figure is closer to 17 cent on every euro.

According to the councillor, income taken in by the local authority is through local property tax and commercial rates, which amounts to around 17% of the total budget.

He claims Longford receives the highest local property tax redistribution per LPT payer in the country at 546 euro.

Speaking to Shannonside FM, the councillor says Longford benefits more from the current local government funding system than any other county: