Controversial proposal to lower speed limit on N55 from Ballymahon to Athlone

Changes to the speed limit on the N55 between Ballymahon and Athlone are being warmly welcomed by a south Westmeath councillor.

The changes are part of a raft of changes in speed limits which are due to be brought into effect in early December.

The changes were approved by Westmeath County Council at their monthly meeting this week and they are due to be signed off by Transport Infrastructure Ireland in the coming weeks.

Two stretches of the N4 at Ballinalack are to be reduced to 60Km under the changes, and there’s also to be a reduction around Rathowen.

One of the biggest changes will see the limit on the N55 from Ballymahon to Athlone coming down to 80 from 100 kilometres an hour.

Local councillor Tom Farrell says some villages along gate route wanted lower limits, but he believes this will be the safest option.