Some Longford residents on Lough Ree shore at “breaking point”

A Longford community on the edge of Lough Ree has been described as being at “breaking point” due to floods.

Rising water levels have cut off two families living on Saint’s Island near Newtowncashel in the last 24 hours, with the threat of more rain to fall in the next 48 hours causing serious worry in the area.

According to Councillor Ger Farrell, several roads in the area are waterlogged and several other homes in the area will face difficulties if the situation gets any worse.

The historic region has been described as “dangerous” and “impassable” by the councillor, and that even though money was spent raising the level of the road. it isn’t high enough to allow safe access.

Speaking to Shannonside FM, he said homeowners have faced multiple issues including waterlogged septic tanks and flooded gardens.

One family also reportedly drained their own garden themselves, while in another incident a person got stuck on a flooded road near Cashel graveyard.

Councillor Farrell fears what will happen in the event of more significant rainfall.