Longford mother admits breastfeeding can still be daunting in smaller communities

A Longford mother of two admits that breastfeeding children in public can still be an uncomfortable experience for many women, especially outside of large urban areas.

A Tyrone woman this week has questioned why she cannot bring her 16 week old child to the All-Ireland as part of her own ticket rather than buying a separate ticket for her son.

Other sports stadiums including the Aviva allow young mothers to attend events with their new-borns up to a few months on a single ticket.


Current legislation provides that women are allowed time off work to breastfeed if possible or that the child is brought to a woman’s workplace to be breastfed.

Ciara Reilly, of the Cuidiú is part of a peer led support group for new mothers and and she told the Joe Finnegan show that while breastfeeding in cities can be accommodated it can sometimes be an awkward experience in smaller villages and towns.