Longford man to be sentenced for sexual assaults on two girls later this year

A Longford man will be sentenced later this year for committing seven sexual assaults on two girls almost five years ago.

Longford Circuit Court heard that all the incidents involved inappropriate touching of the girls outside of their clothing.

Judge Keenan Johnson heard details of the incidents which occurred between the father of four and two daughters of a family friend on dates between July 2014 and July 2015..

The court heard that it was alleged in one incident the accused touched the bottom and breasts of one of the girls and another incident involved the accused trying to dust something off the victim’s pullover and touching her breasts.

The court also heard that at one stage the victims alleged the man said to them that he “could not sleep” with them.

The 51-year-old initially denied the allegations and claimed that his behaviour was down to his cultural background as well as the closeness enjoyed between both families.

Legal counsel for the accused claimed the incidents were opportunistic in nature and of a short duration.

Judge Keenan Johnson said the man was in a position of trust and breached that trust and his guilty plea had spared the victims having to endure a trial.

He confirmed the man would be added to the sex offenders register and will finalise sentencing in October.