LE19: Live tallies and results from the Longford Count Centre


After the seventh count of the Ballymahon electoral vote, Mick Cahill remains in the lead with 938 votes. Fine Gael’s Colm Murray gained the most votes from the distribution of independent candidate Tony Moran – he gained 109 votes bringing him up to 859.

Meanwhile, John Kenny (FF) has been eliminated from the race and his votes are being distributed presently.


Returning officer Nora O’Farrell has excluded Tony Moran (Ind) from the race. His ballots are now being distributed. Meanwhile, elected Fianna Fáil councillor Mick Cahill’s total vote has been reduced by one to 873.

The total number of invalid ballot papers is up one to 95.


Returning Officer Nora O’Farrell has agreed to grant Tony Moran his request. There will be a recount of the 6th count for Ballymahon electorate area after the independent candidate lost his seat to John Kenny (FF), last night.


Tony Moran has confirmed to Shannonside FM News that he has requested a full recount or a recount of the sixth count in the Ballymahon local electoral area in Longford.

Mr Moran is making the request after the sixth count saw him finish up with exactly the same amount of votes as the other lowest candidate John Kenny.

Both men are on 448 votes as it stands, but neither are in serious contention for the last four seats here in Ballymahon with councillors Mick Cahill presently on 874, Gerard Farrell, on 692 , Colm Murray on 750 and Pat O’ Toole on 796.

There is no indication as yet on whether returning officer Nora O’ Farrell will grant the request and it’s understood there is precedent on using the amount of first preferences a candidate gets to determine which to eliminate if a situation arises where both lowest have the same amount of votes.

04.24am (Tuesday)

The counting of votes in the Ballymahon local electoral area in Longford is set to begin again at half past eleven this morning.

The sixth count in the area took place around half past three this morning but the four seats still remain to be filled.

The sixth count also revealed that the two lowest candidates Tony Moran and John Kenny are on exactly equal votes of 448 each, but returning officer Nora O’ Farrell announced that she would be eliminating Tony Moran first because he had the lower amount of first preference votes.

Meanwhile newcomer Gary Murtagh from Colmcille in north Longford took a seat for Fine Gael in the Granard electoral area in a final declaration for the LEA made shortly before 4 o’ clock this morning.

Outgoing Fianna Fail councillor PJ Reilly also retained his seat in the Granard area in the final count and joins other outgoing councillors Padraig Brady, Micheal Carrigy, as well as newcomer Turlough McGovern who were all elected in earlier counts.


Fine Gaels Padraig Brady has been elected here on the seventh count in the Granard electoral area.

With a major transfer of 182 from FF candidate Amanda Duffy in Drumlish, the outgoing councillor exceeded the quota of 1099 by 166 and his surplus is now being distributed.

PJ Reilly of Fianna Fail and newcomer Gary Murtagh of Fine Gael are poised to take the final two seats, with Joe Murphy of Fianna Fail set to be eliminated.


All seven seats in the Longford electoral area have been filled in the last hour at the count centre in Edgeworthstown.

Following the election of Joe Flaherty last night it took until tonight to elect the remaining six councillors on the ninth count.

Peggy Nolan of Fine Gael had been elected on the eighth count, and she was joined by party colleagues John Browne and Gerry Hagan who both exceeded the quota.

Independent councillor Gerry Warnock also exceeded the quota,with Seamus Butler and Martin Monaghan both being elected without reaching the quota.

Councillor Mae Sexton failed in her bid to be re-elected to the council in the Longford area.


The fourth count has taken place in the Granard electoral area, which involved the distribution of Victor Connells vote of 289 after he was eliminated.

FG candidate Frank Kilbride has now been eliminated and his vote of 334 will now be distributed among the remaining seven candidates for the three seats left on offer.

Padraig Brady is nearest the quota on 943 , but is still 156 off the quota of 1099.

Fine Gael councillor Peggy Nolan has been re-elected to Longford county council on the 8th count.

A 33 vote transfer from the surplus of Uruemu Adejinmi of Fianna Fail brought her to 841, just 3 votes over the quota.

The ninth count in Longford is the distribution of Sinn Fein’s Tena Keown who had 437 votes before she was eliminated.


Paul Ross secures the first seat for Ballymahon in the Longford elections with 1217 votes.

Mark Casey wins the second seat for the area with 995 votes, 46 over the quota of 949.


Urueme Adejinmi of Fianna Fail has been eliminated on the seventh count for the Longford LEA.

Her 292 votes are now going to be distributed among the remaining 8 candidates for the 6 seats left to be filled in Longford.

Councillors Peggy Nolan and Gerry Hagan now are 30 and 14 votes respectively short of the quota of 838.

The third count in the Granard local electoral area saw Victor Connell be eliminated from the race.

The count, which distributed Turlough McGovern’s surplus votes

The sixth count in the Longford local electoral area which took place in the last half an hour has not elected any more candidates and it will take at least two more to do that.

The seventh count now involves the distribution of Independent Seamus Gallagher vote of 201, and his exit will be followed by Remu Adejinmi for Fianna Fail, and then SF’s Tina Keown.

While Tina Keowns vote could make the gap tighter between Councillor Mae Sexton , Martin Monaghan appears safer and safer to take the seventh seat as he continues to gather a healthy transfer.

In Granard, we are still waiting for the third count and the announcement of the distribution of Micheal Carrigys surplus of 84 votes. There are still three councillors to be officially elected there.

The first count for the Ballymahon area which is still waiting to hear about its first councillor is expected in the coming hours.


Pupils from St Marys National School are getting a unique lesson in civics this afternoon as they’re presently on a visit to the count centre here in Edgeworthstown in Longford.

The students visit in the last while has brought some more life to an otherwise quiet count centre where only a handful of candidates are looking at the count process underway.

We’re currently waiting for the results of the fourth count in the Longford electoral area which may or may not see another councillor elected, but in Granard the third count won’t see anyone elected there where the quota is actually higher than in Longford and is set at 1099.

The third count in Granard involves the distribution of Micheal Carrigys surplus of 84, and in Longford Babara Smyths 106 votes are being allocated on transfers after she was eliminated.




Anne Norris sits down with former Fine Gael TD and Senator James Bannon, who congratulates every candidate for taking the plunge and running in local elections. He says while he loves the buzz of the count centre he doesn’t miss his career in politics.



We have had an update in Granard but no new candidates elected.



“I’m still standing”…as Elton John once said, and so are the members of the Shannonside FM Count team at Edgeworthstown as counting in Longford resumes this morning.


12.30am (Monday)

There are three candidates now elected to Longford County Council.

Fianna Fail Joe Flaherty was elected on the first count in the Longford local electoral area, while Fine Gael councillor Michael Carrigy and Independent  Turlough McGovern were both elected on the first count in the Granard electoral area.

Counting will resmue in the Granard area in the morning with the distribution of Turlough McGoverns surplus of 181 votes.

The quota in Granard is 1099.

The Longford count will also resume in the morning at half past nine with the distribution of Independent candidate Tony Reillys votes of 92.

It’s also intended to begin the examination of the votes in the Ballymahon area tomorrow morning.

9.10pm (Sunday)
Returning officer Nora O’Farrell has announced the redistribution of Joe Flaherty’s surplus votes. Fellow Fianna Fail candidate, Martin Monaghan, has gained the majority of those votes, with thirty three extra votes getting him to 609 votes.

As we enter into a third count, Peggy Nolan is the closest to the 828 vote quota with 763 votes.

Nora O’Farrell also announced the exclusion of Joe Beadon and Julie O’Reilly from the race in Longford LEA.

6.23pm (Sunday)

Fianna Fail councillor Joe Flaherty has become the first member to be elected to the 2019 Longford County Council, exceeding the quota of 838 by 201 votes.
His election came just after half past six on this Sunday evening, and his surplus will be divided proportionately after all his votes have been examined for transfers.

Ajudication on the doubtful ballot papers in the Granard electoral area began at ten to seven this evening and it’s hoped that won’t take too long.

With the election of Joe Flaherty , six more seats are still left to fill in the Longford area, and there is general consensus that Ind Mae Sexton and FF newcomer Martin Monaghan will be fighting it out for the seventh, but that Martin Monaghan will turn out to be more transfer friendly keeping him ahead of councillor Sexton.

The tallies also show that Independent Turlough McGovern will top the poll in Granard with a massive vote of over 1200, and that another newcomer there will be Gary Murtagh of Fine Gael.

While no count or sorting has begun for Ballymahon as yet, its widely expected that the six outgoing candidates there will be returned barring a major upset.

3.40 (Sunday)

Granard ballot boxes have been opened at the Edgeworthstown count centre.

Adjudication of the Longford LEA doubtful votes is not complete and the first count will now begin.


Things have begun to liven up a little at the count centre in Edgeworthstown , even with adjudication of doubtful ballots still underway for the Longford electoral area.

While the first official count still hasn’t actually begun in Longford, the examination of papers for the Granard area has begun in the last hour and that has also seen the arrival to the count centre of some of the candidates for that area, including poll topper Turlough Mc Govern and Gary Murtagh of Fine Gael who is set to take a third seat for the party there.

Based on previous experience we are not expecting a first count result for the Longford area for at least another couple of hours, but given that Granard is being worked on in tandem, and Ballymahon papers will follow later , its hoped that the pace will pick up once this process gets going and that several seats on Longford council can be filled here later tonight.

The first person set to be elected in the county is Longford poll topper and Fianna Fail candidate               Joe Flaherty who looks set to have a surplus of 200 or so , with the official quota set to be 852.

There was a turnout of 54% or 6,813 people in the Longford election booths on last Friday.

v00pm (Sunday)

Adjudication on doubtful ballots in the Longford electoral area is continuing here at the centre in Edgeworthstown, in the last ten minutes or so, with the candidates having come back out from behind the barriers where they’d been invited to look at the papers.

They are due to go back in shortly though to look at more ballot papers.

When that process is finished counting proper can  begin for the seven seats available in the LEA.

Official figures just released by the returning officer here shows that there was a 55.14% turnout in the Longford area, that’s down from 64% in 2014 for the last local elections.

The total electorate in the area is 12,356, and of those just 6,813 people voted on Friday.

Returning  Officer Nora O’ Farrell has just announced at 1.20 pm that the  examination of ballots for the Granard electoral area will begin shortly, with the opening of the postal ballots for that area.


12.00pm (Sunday)

St Marys Centre here in Edgeworthstown is still fairly quiet on this early part of Sunday but adjudication on doubtful ballots has begun in the last ten minutes.


Only some candidates have arrived at the centre so far, with many realising that this process has still some way to go before any results will actually be announced.

The votes in the Longford electoral area are the first that will be counted and that process won’t actually begin until the adjudication of ballots is over, and then it will be the turn of Granard and then Ballymahon as agreed at a meeting with candidates last week.

With all of Longford area yet to be counted as well as the other two areas, it’s likely this process could well go into tomorrow even with everything running smoothly for the next several hours.


11.00am (Sunday)

The count process in St Marys Community Centre in Edgeworthstown in Co Longford  has recommenced in the last ten minutes or so.


The actual count process has not begun as yet and it has been clarified that the ballots are being sorted at present and adjudication on doubtful ballots is expected to begin in the near future.


While the number of doubtful ballots isn’t known as yet, this process is likely to take some time, and the first  actual count for the Longford area will not begin for some hours yet.


While the official process has yet to get underway in earnest though, tallies since early yesterday have predicted an increase of 1 for FG, bringing them to 9 seats, the votes are likely to return three independents to Longford council, and Fianna Fail look set to lose one seat, coming back with just 6 council members.

It’s understood that negotiations have already taken place between FG and some Independents which will see the party take back control of Longford council from Fianna Fail and their deal in 2014 with the three Independents then.



01.33 (Sunday Morning):

Returning officer Nora Farrell announced that the count will be adjourned shortly and the count will resume tomorrow morning at 10.30am.


117 postal votes have been verified and mixed with the rest of the ballot papers, ready for the first count.


The ballot papers have been verified and the first count will commence shortly.

The ballot papers have arrived from Athlone to Edgeworthstown and are beginning to be verified by counters in St. Mary’s Hall.


An empty looking St Mary’s Community Centre in Edgeworthstown, Co Longford as anxious candidates wait and wonder what sort of count progress can be expected there tonight.


The final tallies are in from the Granard and Longford Municipal Districts … and now we wait for the transfer of the boxes all the way from Athlone to Edgeworthstown.



Complete tally for Ballymahon area shows picture of voting throughout the MD


A few well known faces from Longford political circles snapped at the Athlone Sports Arena where the Longford and Westmeath local election tallies have been taking place this morning.

Former Fine Gael TD for Longford Westmeath James Bannon from Legan, pictured with Fianna Fail Cllr PJ Reilly from Abbeylara, Fine Gael's John Brown from Longford and Independent Turlough McGovern.
Former Fine Gael TD for Longford Westmeath James Bannon from Legan, pictured with Fianna Fail Cllr PJ Reilly from Abbeylara in the Granard area, Fine Gael’s John Brown from Longford and Independent Turlough McGovern.




Tally toppers starting to show shape of new council make up in Longford Count Centre at Athlone IT:




Votes are still being tallied in Longford with the boxes not really throwing up any major issues despite a few small surprises.

One of the main stories so far is the performance of Independent Turlough McGovern who is polling very well in the Granard area and looks set to take a seat there.

In Ballymahon, Fine Gael’s Paul Ross looks set to perhaps get the highest vote in Longford, and is polling neck and neck to the party’s general election candidate Micheal Carrigy who is running in the Granard area where it must be noted, there is less of a voting population.

In Longford town, another general election candidate Joe Flaherty from Fianna Fail is polling well, and a party newcomer Martin Monaghan is also performing very well and will be well in contention.


Luke Ming Flanagan joins Joe live from the AIT Count Centre for Longford Westmeath





The latest tally from Longford – click on picture in tweet to view tally in detail.




Around a third of the boxes in Longford have been opened so far.

In the Granard area, Michael Carrigy is topping the poll so far on 648, almost a 25% share of the vote,

Turlough McGovern, a newcomer and Independent is taking a great share of the vote also with 419, and 15% share.

It’s being estimated that Fine Gael will take 3 seats here, Micheal Carrigy , Padraig Brady and newcomer Gary Murtagh, as well as FF outgoing Cllr PJ Reilly, and then Independent Turlough Pott McGovern.

In the Longford electoral area, with less than half of the boxes opened, Joe Flaherty is topping the poll here with 507 votes, Peggy Nolan of FG is next with 357, John Browne of FG is on 352, Independent councillor Gerry Warnock is on 344, Seamus Butler of FF is on 338, Martin Monaghan a newcomer for Fianna Fail is doing well at 250 presently , as is Tena Keown of Sinn Fein on 254, Independent Mae Sexton is polling 216 right now.

In Ballymahon, all outgoing councillors are polling well with Paul Ross leading the charge there for Fine Gael, and it is likely that the six outgoing members will be returned, barring any major surprises in the boxes still to be tallied.


In Longford with more boxes open Fine Gael look likely to take three seats in Granard

Independent Turlough McGovern is polling very well and will likely take a seat.

In Longford, predictions are that Fianna Fail will win 3, Fine Gael will take 3, and one seat will go to an independent.

In Ballymahon, tally figures so far suggest the outgoing councillors will retain their seats.

11.28: Latest tally published for Ballymahon area:



11.30: Latest Tally for Longford area:

9.25am: The boxes are opened inside the AIT count centre.

9.00: Crowds gathered outside the count center at AIT



Good morning and welcome to the Shannonside FM Live tallies and results centre from the Athlone and Edgeworthstown.

Polls closed last night at 10pm and boxes are opened this morning from 9am.

Votes are being sorted in Athlone this morning before being moved back to St Mary’s in Edgeowthstown for the official count later today.

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