Longford gardaí want businesses to fund policing

A Longford Garda superintendent has asked local businesses to contribute funding for policing efforts in the town over St Patrick’s weekend.

Jim Delaney told Monday’s Longford Joint Policing Committee meeting that he is disappointed that due to budget cuts, he does not have as many resources at his disposal this year compared to 2017.

He told the meeting that in order to be able to provide appropriate policing for what is expected to be a very busy weekend in the town, he has asked the committee behind organising the festivities for a €1,200 contribution for enhanced policing in the town.


The superintendent also revealed that plans to build a new Garda station in Ballymahon have been shelved and that previously announced plans for extra accommodation at the Longford Garda HQ are also being mothballed.

Superintendent Delaney said the request for the contribution is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the weekend safely.