Longford farmer shocked at reports of calves being killed with hammers

A Longford dairy farmer is calling on former Cork TD Ned O’ Keefe to officially report any incidents he knows of that involve farmers killing new born bull calves with lump hammers or plastic bags.

The former TD who is a pig and dairy farmer made his remarks at a recent debate on calf welfare during the ICMSA annual general meeting in Limerick.

Mr O’ Keefe had claimed he’s been told of many situations where farmers had used the inhumane methods to kill the calves to avoid the costs of rearing them.

Speaking on the Joe Finnegan show this morning, Mike McGann who is a dairy farmer and who’s also Chairman of Animal health Ireland says Ned O’ Keefe needs to report this officially.

Mr McGann says he’s heard rumours about this activity and believes there may be a very small element of rogue farmers who do it.

He says anyone who knows of this kind of behaviour has a moral obligation to see that it is reported to the proper authorities.