Longford Councillor hopeful extra person can be employed to tackle town’s litter woes

Longford town Fine Gael councillor Peggy Nolan is supporting calls for an extra person to be employed to deal with litter in the town.

She was speaking following the latest IBAL report which designated the town as among the five cleanest in the country despite the dumping problem which is known to exist in certain areas.

A spokesperson for Longford Tidy Towns Group has said that the town can’t continue to rely on volunteers to pick up all the litter, and that the Council needs to be more pro-active in employing a specially designated person to deal with the issue properly.

Councillor Nolan says tidy town’s volunteers have done huge work for the area over the past number of years, and she also believes the local authority needs to put more resources into solving the litter and dumping problem.