Longford councillor calls for gritting at Newtowncashel school

The policy of Longford council with regard to the gritting of roads around the county came up for discussion at a meeting of Ballymahon Municipal District in recent days, after an issue was raised regarding a local school in Newtowncashel.

Councillor Colm Murray wanted to know if the lorry that currently goes out to the village as far as the football pitch could also grit the hill leading to the local national school.

He said he’d been contacted by a number of parents about the issue and they are having difficulty in bringing the children to the school in icy conditions.


A number of other councillors also raised concerns about particular stretches of roads and councillor Mick Cahill cautioned about the local authority salting some bad stretches or bends and not others.

The members were told that the policy regarding the salting of roads is up for review at a meeting of the SPC dealing with infrastructure next month and their concerns will be raised there.

Councillor Murray says while he agrees there could be problems if the council started gritting roads on a piecemeal basis, he says the school’s policy is already there and he is only asking for an extension of the gritting in the case of Newtowncashel school: