Longford council to hold meetings every second month

A Longford Councillor has strongly denied that plans to hold local authority meetings every second month is an “attack on democracy”.

Councillors agreed at their AGM on Friday to trial for a year period plenary meetings every two months- rather than the current system of monthly.

Meetings will now be held in January March, May, July, October and December while the AGM will take place in June as usual and a meeting will also take place in September to discuss the local property tax.

The proposal was made by the Fine Gael Group who now control the council, but was strongly opposed by independent councillor Mark Casey who described the plan as “an absolute disgrace” and claimed it was an erosion of democracy.

After some debate, councillors agreed to trial the system for a year, with a review again at next year’s AGM, with the exception of Councillor Casey.

Colm Murray, Fine Gael group leader in Longford, has denied the council is looking to hide anything by holding meetings every second month.