Longford Chamber decision to reconsider changing St Patrick’s Day Parade described as ‘wise’

Longford Chamber of Commerce’s decision to re-examine plans to move the town’s St Patrick’s Day Parade next month has been welcomed by a man who organised an online poll questioning the move.

Last month the chamber announced that due to the possibility of Mullinalaughta appearing in an All-Ireland club final in Croke Park on March 17th, the county town’s parade would be deferred until March 18th.

The decision was queried by some business people and an online poll was organised by Dave Smyth who claimed most of the people who responded online were not in favour of the change.


Last night the Chamber confirmed that it would re-consider its decision in light of next week’s semi-final on February 16th.

Dave Smyth, who created the poll, thinks it’s a wise move for the chamber to re-consider their decision, but also thinks it should still go ahead on March 17th regardless of Mullinaughta’s game