Longford CF campaigner hopes to avoid lung transplant

Longford CF campaigner Jillian Mc Nulty has revealed a hold is being put on any kidney transplant until it becomes absolutely necessary.

The Longford woman had received offers from live donors for the operation when she revealed last year that she needed the transplant.

Speaking today though ahead of tomorrow’s 65 Roses Day which raises funds for CF sufferers across the country Jillian says that the kidney operation has had to be put on hold.


She says she’s also due to go for a lung transplant assessment soon but hopes she’ll be told it isn’t necessary.

The Longford woman has already moved last month from Orkambi to a new drug called Symkevi, and says her breathing is even better than before.

She says she hopes the development of these drugs will continue to progress and that she can avoid a lung transplant.