Longford brewing company adapted during Covid-19 lockdown

A Longford businessman says small companies have the advantage of being able to adapt faster to changing markets such as happened overnight in the Covid-19 lockdown.

Liam Hanlon who’s a director of St Mel’s Brewery in Longford which was established in 2013 was commenting on stories of the large breweries around the world having to dump kegs of beer which couldn’t be sold during lockdown.

The St Mel’s Director and master brewer says while their quantities of beer are obviously not on the same scale as the multi-nationals, they were still left with some kegs on their hands because well over half their business is draught .

Liam says they’ve been able to find ways to keep ticking over during lockdown with a website where people could order the beer, as well as putting some into new mini-kegs and cans designed for the off-licence market.