House ownership as low income earner is “a faraway dream”, says Longford councillor

A Longford councillor has said that buying a house as a low to middle income worker right now is “a faraway dream”.

Councillor Gerry Warnock made the comments at the most recent local authority meeting where he unveiled his idea for a new affordable housing scheme, which he intends to present to the Minister for Housing.

According to the councillor, too much emphasis has been put on social housing, and what’s needed is a fully functional and sustainable affordable housing policy.

Under his proposed scheme, new units acquired by Longford County Council through turnkey developments will afford qualifying applicants the opportunity to own a home at a discounted rate of thirty percent.

An incremental purchase charge equal to the thirty percent discount will be added for fifteen years, decreasing by two percent every year.

Speaking to Shannonside FM, Councillor Warnock says people on low and middle incomes are “abandoned”: