Hiqa finds fire risks at midlands children’s centre

The Health Information and Quality Authority has found fire risks at a children’s residential centre in the midlands.

It also claims healthy lifestyles weren’t always promoted in the facility, with all the juveniles smoking.

In January, Hiqa carried out an unannounced inspection of a Children’s Residential Centre in the midlands, which caters for five boys and girls aged between 13 and 17 in Dublin/Mid-Leinster.

The watchdog found, of the nine ‘standards’ assessed, seven required improvement and only two were met.

It claims not all children were attending educational programmes and there weren’t enough plans in place to ensure those juveniles reached their academic potential.

It also highlighted fire risks, saying not all precautions against a blaze were effective.

It claims some fire doors weren’t operating effectively and, because of that, there was a fire risk to all children.

Hiqa also found healthy lifestyles weren’t always promoted in the centre and all the children smoked and hadn’t been referred to a smoking-cessation programme.

The watchdog also criticised medication management, with records showing one medication wasn’t administered to a child as prescribed.

Hiqa claims one medication had expired and required safe disposal.

In a statement, Tusla says a number of measures have been taken to address the issues highlighted.

It claims the centre manager has reviewed the fire-safety check procedure and regulations, and it has ensured all fire doors are operating to standard.

It says young people are being encouraged to engage in a smoking-cessation programme.

Tusla also claims the report notes examples of excellent safeguarding and child-protection practices.