HIQA critical of HSE for not investigating allegation of abuse at Longford facility promptly

The health watchdog has criticised the HSE for not investigating a serious allegation of abuse at a Longford facility in a ‘timely and prompt manner’.

The executive said an internal investigation was ongoing into the complaint and was due to conclude shortly.



In September, the Health Information and Quality Authority inspected Teach Solas/Oaklands, comprising two houses for nine adults with an intellectual disability or autism in Longford.

In its inspection report, Hiqa notes that just over two years ago, a serious allegation of abuse was made in one of the properties.

Suitable safeguarding arrangements had been put in place at that time to ensure the safety of residents, and the watchdog says these remain in place.

The HSE commissioned and commenced an independent investigation in early 2016 and Hiqa says, unfortunately, this hasn’t been completed.

It says residents and their families haven’t been kept properly updated on it.

The watchdog’s inspector spoke to two relatives who outlined their concerns regarding the time taken to complete the investigation and the negative impact of not having an informed view on whether the alleged abuse had occurred.

Hiqa says it was previously advised the investigation would be completed by April of this year, but that this timeline has now passed.

In response, the HSE said the internal investigation would be completed by the end of October last, with the investigation team ready to conclude.

It said the regional director of nursing would communicate with residents and their families on the ongoing investigation into the allegation of abuse.

Shannonside FM has contacted the HSE seeking a response to the report.