Gardai confirm no formal complaint of ‘death threat’ made by C+D management

Gardaí say no formal complaint of a ‘death threat’ has been made by the management of C&D Foods in Longford.

The Agriculture Minister stated in the Dail yesterday that senior management had death threats issued against them.

The pet food factory has not yet dropped the injunctions it obtained against two farmers during the meat blockades.

In a statement the Gardai says they’re aware of incidents of phone calls received by a person but neither an allegation or formal written complaint of a ‘death threat’ has been made.

Minister Michael Creed has this afternoon said in the Dail that he wasn’t referring to the protesting farmers specifically when he mentioned death threats, but that he had been made aware of such threats.

The farmers continue to block access to the St Stephens Green area of Dublin City Centre this afternoon.