Fears that the ‘Just Transition’ fund for the midlands won’t go far enough to replace jobs lost at Bord na Mona

The €31 million fund for a ‘Just Transition’ from peat production, announced in the budget for the Midlands, is not going to go anyway far enough to replace jobs lost at Bord na Mona.

The fund, to address the wind down of Bord na Mona peat operations and resulting jobs losses, provides for schemes for bog rehabilitation to the tune of 6 million euro.

It will also see the retrofitting of 13,000 homes in the region and a Commissioner to bring all stakeholders together to devise strategies for a new economic focus.

Lanesbroro’s Joe O’Brien one of the organisers of a community ‘think in’ to develop new projects, says the money will not go very far when spread across all areas affected.

He believes that a government Department should be dedicated to preparing for the changeover and that what has been put forward is merely an attempt to appease voters.