EXCLUSIVE: Three Shannonside hospitals pay out over €11,000 to deal with rodent problems

Three hospitals that serve the Shannonside region have spent almost €11,300 on pest-control since the beginning of last year.

Documents released to Shannonside FM show that since January 2015, there have been several sightings of mice in Cavan General Hospital and Portiuncula University Hospital in Ballinasloe.


Since the beginning of last year, Pestguard Limited has been paid almost €3,800 on providing pest-control services to Cavan hospital.

A visit by the company on November 2nd last notes that there was a mouse recently spotted in the X-ray room.

The previous month, there was light rodent activity found in the laundry and mice in the ceilings of the maternity ward and ambulance-bay canteen.

Rodents, rats or mice have been seen seven times in the Portiuncula hospital since the beginning of last year – with six sightings last year and one this year.

During that period, it has spent almost €4,700 on pest-control.

A service report in July of last year notes a mouse had recently been seen in the emergency department, while the following month there was a sighting of a rodent in the general manager’s and the director of care’s offices.

In September 2015, very light mouse activity was found in St Joseph’s ward and last month a suspected mouse was seen in a consultant’s office.

Midland Regional Hospital in Mullingar has spent almost €2,800 on pest-control since the beginning of last year.

However, the only sightings of rodents in that time was in November of last year when they were seen in the Willow unit and the coffee shop.