EPA slams standards at Drumlish meat processors

A Longford company has been heavily criticised in an EPA report after allegedly failing to meet necessary environmental standards.

An audit published this week has found almost a dozen noncompliances at the Green Pasture Meat Processors, based in Drumlish.



The EPA is using the National Priority Sites to focus its enforcement effort at the worst performing sites and areas that appear on the list are subject to an escalation of enforcement action by the EPA, up to and including legal action, suspension or revocation.

A licence for the facility in Drumlish was granted in October of 2016 and as part of the licensing process, regular check-ups by the EPA on the site are carried out.

Following an November 2017 audit, 12 noncompliances were found by inspectors – out of a total of 22 outcomes inspected.

The audit noted that there was concern over monitoring of available storage capacity for trade effluent and organic fertiliser is not being carried out at the facility, despite the matter being raised with the agency several times in previous audits.

Concern was also raised by inspectors as they discovered an uncovered container of animal byproducts, which was outside of the slaughtering plant and regarded as noncompliance, while a noise monitoring report, which has been completed, was not available to inspectors.

Inspectors also complained that there were difficulties in obtaining information at the facility and there was what the audit describes as ‘ambiguity and inconsistency’ in information that was provided.

The company has not yet responded to request for comment.