Concern ‘Open Library’ plan may cause problems for local councils

There’s concern that the new ‘Open Library’ plan could expose county councils to a range of potential liability issues.

The plan which will be rolled out on a phased basis, will see libraries open to the public from 8am until 10pm at night – with no library staff in place for some of those hours.

It’s understood that people will have access through an electronic card.


In Longford, it’s hoped Ballymahon will be the first library to try out the system.

Speaking at Longford County Council this week, Councillor Peggy Nolan says that while the general idea is to be welcomed, councils should have the power to select where it would work on a case by case basis.

Councillor Seamus Butler told Shannonside FM news there could be some serious  consequences for local authorities if the plans are not streamlined: