Closure of Kepak in Clare could safeguard plants in Athleague and Ballymahon

The closure of the Kepak plant in Clare could safeguard the future of other plants such as Athleauge and Ballymahon.

Management has met with employees to inform the of the decision to close for an unspecified period, saying its future will remain under review.

Kepak says that the plant has been procuring cattle at a price premium associated with markets such as the US, China and the UK but is not approved for export to such markets, it consequently cannot achieve the associated price premium to remain competitive.

A 6 million euro expansion last year to upgrade the plant was suspended amid the beef blockades.

Pat O’Toole of Irish Farmer Journal says it’s a stand alone decision that will not impact on sites such as Athleague and Ballymahon for now at least.