A Christmas service for Midoc is in operation for out-of-hour calls with limited opening hours

The HSE is asking the public to be aware that they may experience delays if they are trying to access the Midoc service this year.

A Christmas service is in operation for the out-of-hours helpline with limited opening hours.

The service will operate from 6pm on Christmas Eve to 8am on Tuesday the 29th and from that Tuesday until Monday January 4th, it will also operate on a 6pm to 8am basis.

Last Christmas/ New Year Midoc GPs managed over 4,700 contacts to the service and had more than 1,000 contacts alone on St Stephen’s Day.

Due to the way Christmas and New Year are falling the service is warning that it expects to be busier than ever and patients may face delays getting through to the service at peak times or waiting for a call back.