C&D injunction on beef protests back in the High Court today

A Longford pet food factory is due back in court today in connection with an injunction granted earlier this week against farmers protesting outside its factory in Edgeworthstown.

The High court granted a temporary injunction against Councillor Paraic Brady and another named protestor from being involved in demonstrations outside its factory as part of ongoing beef protests.


Earlier this week the High Court heard that hundreds of workers in the midlands faced being laid off due to the unlawful blockade of a pet food manufacturing plant.

A protest at the C&D factory began last Saturday, and escalated on Thursday morning when a demonstration at a second of the company’s entrances was staged by farmers after three lorries made a delivery of what is believed to have been offal to the site.

Earlier this week, the High Court heard that C&D is owned by the ABP Food Group, which is one of Ireland’s largest beef processors and claims that it has been “tactically targeted by protesters purely on the basis that it is part of the ABP group.”

Mr Justice Garrett Simons granted C&D Foods a temporary injunction preventing protestors from trespassing, unlawfully blockading the plant, and from intimidating individuals going to and from the plant.

The injunction was granted on an ex-parte basis and will return before the court on today when it is expected that the defendants will be represented.