Castlerahan NS says Alan Hawe wasn’t being investigated for accessing pornography at the school

Alan Hawe’s school says he was not under investigation for accessing pornography during school time.

In a statement Castlerahan National School says there was no disciplinary process or any other investigation into the father of 3.

Hawe murdered his wife and their 3 sons at their home in Ballyjamesduff in Co Cavan on August 2016.


Solicitors acting on behalf of the board of management at Castlerahan National School they say they want to clarify reports that Alan Hawe accessed pornography and engaged in sexual activity on the school premises and that he was the subject of a disciplinary hearing.

They say the reports have caused a great deal of stress in the community and have reignited the emotions and trauma experienced at a time of terrible tragedy

The letter says Gardai have confirmed Hawe did not access pornographic websites during the school day and no evidence has emerged of inappropriate activity during school time.

The Board claims the reports have damaged the reputation of school personnel who are easily identifiable in a small rural community.

The letter also says their privacy has been compromised by some of the reportage. They conclude by offering sympathies to the Coll and Hawe families.