Campaign to halt Derryadd wind farm intensifies

A group opposing the erection of massive wind turbines at Derryadd outside Lanesboro says it’s gathering good evidence that it hope will help its case.

Niall Dennigan says the group has been encouraging people in the area to keep note of wildlife and birds they spot to show how much damage could potentially be done by the erection of the turbines.

The group is still waiting for planning to be officially lodged for the project, which will go straight to An Bórd Pleanála under the strategic-infrastructure process.


The opposition group has been invited to address members of the Oireachtas at an event in the Dáil next week, which is being organised by Brian Stanley, Sinn Féin’s environment spokesperson, and Mr Dennigan says it’s glad to get the opportunity to tell more people of their concerns.

He says that while the group will wait to look at whatever application is lodged, members are at work documenting issues such as the whooper swan flight paths, which they maintain would be badly affected by the turbines.