Bord na Mona issues some responses to queries raised at Derryadd windfarm oral hearing

A solicitor acting for an environmental activist has asked An Bord Pleanala to dismiss the application from Powergen Bord Na Mona for a 24 wind turbine farm at Derryadd just outside Lanesborough.
The call came during a presentation from Peter Sweetman and his legal representative Gabriel Toolan at the second and concluding day of an Oral hearing by An Bord Pleanala into the application for a wind farm at Derryadd.

Gabriel Toolan speaking on behalf of Peter Sweetman highlighted a number of areas where he felt there were serious deficits in information regarding the planning application.

These areas ranged from the proposed grid connection to drawings of the turbines proposed to surveys undertaken on bird and wildlife in the area. 


Mr Toolan said it was “extraordinary” that a body such as Bord na Mona rooted in statue and equipped with vast resources should propose an application lacking in the requisite detail.

He concluded by saying that in light of the status of the application, it could never be the subject of a determination, and should be dismissed.

The statement and call from Peter Sweetman and his solicitor was later rejected by Richard Mulcahy solicitor for Powergen.

He said there was no basis for the call made by Mr Sweetman and all necessary and relevant information was included in the application.

Mr Mulchay rejected a claim that the lands to be used for grid connection were not in the ownership of Bord na Mona, and he said they didn’t accept any suggestion that research had not been carried out properly relating to bird life or the whorl snail.

He said it was up to An Bord Pleanala to carry out further assessments on this application and Powergen had provided everything they needed to support their request.

Earlier this morning, Jack O’Sullivan concluded his presentation on behalf of the No to Derryadd Group and brief presentations were made by three people whose homes are within 100s of yards of some of the turbines.
There has also been some reply from Powergen today on the issues raised yesterday by Inland Fisheries Ireland on their presentation.

They have agreed there will be advance consultation and agreement with IFI where appropriate on a number of detailed design elements, and also gave some more detail in relation to water quality monitoring.

The hearing is due to conclude shortly after hearing questions for the applicant, the planning authority and some observers who have made submissions at this event.