Ballymahon appoints first ever ‘Town Team’

Ballymahon has officially appointed its first ‘Town Team’ under an initiative that was set up as part of local government reform in recent years.

The town teams are aimed at encouraging more involvement of the local community in applying for funds to develop their services and amenities.

The process began in Ballymahon in February and a number of meetings facilitated by the county council have been held over the past months.


A draft local action plan has also been drawn up and the 12 members chosen for the team are now being asked to read the document over the next few weeks before the next meeting is held.

Local Fianna Fail councillor Pat O’ Toole says there has been a very good response locally to the town team project and all groupings in the town are represented including the Traders Association, Active Age, Goldsmith Society and the GAA.

Councillor O’ Toole says the formation of the team comes at a very important time for the future of the area…