Ana Kriegel’s murder trial is told of how her body was found

Ana Kriegel’s murder trial has been hearing details about the room where she was found in a derelict building in Dublin last May.

Two teenage boys have pleaded NOT guilty to the 14-year-old schoolgirl’s murder.

Garda Sean Whyte was part of a search team that was dispatched on May 17th last to an area near Ana’s last known whereabouts.


Her last known location was at a public park near her home in Leixlip, Co. Kildare. She left her house for that park three days beforehand.

Garda Whyte said he saw something inside a derelict building that gave him cause for concern so he called the officer in charge.

In a small room to the front of the house, Sergeant Declan Birchall said he saw the body of a naked female lying on the floor.

On closer inspection, he said there was a ligature around her neck.

He said there were clothes strewn either side of the room and blood staining was found in various parts of the room as well as a number of items found within including a stick and a brick.

The boys, both aged 14, deny murdering Ana and one of them is further charged with, and denies, aggravated sexual assault.