Only way to stop Leitrim afforestation is to change County Development Plan – Guickian

Leitrim councillor Sinead Guckian says she believes the only way to stop widespread afforestation in Leitrim is if the County Development Plan is amended.

The Fianna Fail councillor was one of four members of the local authority who had notices of motion concerning forestry tabled for yesterday’s monthly meeting.

While council planning officials have warned it would be a long, detailed and complicated process to try to change the plan, Councillor Guckian says she believes it’s the only way to go after having tried and failed to have any impact at national level.


Planners also told yesterday’s meeting that the council is keeping a close eye on forestry license applications and has made up to 6 submissions to the Forestry Service as a result.

It’s understood however that none of these submissions has made any difference to the end result.

Councillor Guckian says she hopes that some amendment to the plan can be made even if it takes some time to achieve…