Water supply improves in Leitrim after overnight restrictions

Irish Water is advising customers supplied by the South Leitrim Water Supply that a decision on whether the scheme will be restricted again tonight will be made this afternoon, and will be dependent on consumer usage today and how well the reservoirs recover.

The number of customers in the South Leitrim area without water today is dropping dramatically from the 2,800 yesterday and the full picture will be known later in the afternoon.

Irish Water adds however that it might take a few hours for water to reach customers in outlying areas and on higher ground while the system recharges, and it is are again appealing to those customers who do have a supply to conserve water in every way possible.


The water agency says the South Leitrim Scheme saw good recovery in its water supply last night due to the restrictions which has led to supply being returned to most areas in the scheme today.

There will be no day-time restrictions today,but Irish Water says it is most likely that the scheme will be restricted again tonight from 11pm to 7am to further aid the replenishment of water in the reservoirs.

This decision will be made in the afternoon.