Watchdog slams Sligo-Leitrim mental health unit

An annual report into the Sligo-Leitrim Mental Health inpatient unit has found 19 areas of noncompliance.

Seven were deemed to be a high-risk, while one, concerning staffing, was described as critical.

The annual report inspected the centre-based in Sligo, on three consecutive days in June of this year.


In total 44 areas of the unit were inspected, with 19 areas found to be noncompliant.

Inspectors found that staff training fell short of requirements and that on the first day of inspection, none of the nursing staff on duty had up-to-date training in fire safety or basic life support.

It was deemed to be noncompliant, with a high-risk rating.

Inspectors found there were only two showers for 15 men and that some ligature points remained on the premises, despite a ligature anchor point audit.

It was also found that there was no arrangements for responding to emergencies other than medical ones, while the centre was found not to be in compliance with seven regulations in regards to seclusion, with one resident’s next-of-kin not informed of the episode of seclusion and there was no policy in place for training of staff in relation to seclusion.

The HSE has responded to the report by stating that Sligo-Leitrim Mental Health Services has put in place corrective and preventive actions to address all the areas of noncompliance identified by the mental health inspection in June 2016.