Thirteen children expected to be among group of asylum-seekers moving to Ballinamore

Thirteen children are set to be among the twenty-seven asylum-seekers who will be moving to Ballinamore to stay at an apartment block in the town before Christmas.

The Minister for Integration confirmed last night that seven asylum seeker families are to be accommodated in the Leitrim town in the coming weeks.

The decision was announced by the Department of Justice late last night after the minister met with representatives of the Ballinamore Community Group on Wednesday.

Last month, plans emerged for 130 asylum-seekers to be accommodated in apartments in the town.

But after widespread opposition and protests, the Department of Justice paused the plans.

Ballinamore Community Groupo spokesperson Gordon Hughes told Shannonside FM that there was overwhelmingly support at a meeting in the town last night to help and integrate the twenty-seven people in the community

He says that the community never refused to help asylum-seekers