Sligo-Leitrim TD says Fianna Fáil back-benchers will work with Sinn Féin

Sligo/Leitrim Sinn Féin Deputy Martin Kenny says he believes there are many Fianna Fail backbenchers who have no problem in trying to work with Sinn Féin in a coalition government.

Commenting on confirmation from Sinn Féin today that the party want to form a government, Deputy Kenny says he’s spoken to many Fianna Fail backbenchers over the last four years who told him they wouldn’t have a fundamental problem in working with the party.

Speaking on the Joe Finnegan show this morning, Martin Kenny says it’s unfortunate that there’s a definite sense of “snobbery” in the higher echelons of Fianna Fail in relation to working with Sinn Féin representatives:

Meanwhile Longford-Westmeath Fine Gael Deputy Peter Burke who was re-elected for a second term in Dáil Eireann last weekend maintains there are enough numbers of left leaning parties for Sinn Féin to form a government.

Peter Burke says he wants to see the party in government to show what they can do to resolve the issues they have been highlighting as not working during the term of the last government: