Sligo Hospital patients can wait up to ten months for MRI scan

Patients waiting for an urgent MRI at Sligo University Hospital can expect to wait a week for the scan to be carried out at Sligo University Hospital.

However, those who are not an urgent case but still require the procedure to diagnosis a medical issue or illness can be expected to wait up to 10 months for the procedure to be carried out.

The wait times were revealed at a recent meeting of the health forum west, following on from a question by Sligo Councillor Donal Gilroy.

The response from Tony Canavan, Head of the Saolta Hospitals group, claimed that all MRI referrals received are reviewed and prioritised by a Consultant Radiologist.

It also stated that public patients, with our without a medical card and who are in-patients can wait up to 1-2 days for the MRI.

Private patients can wait up to two weeks for a scan while patients can expect to be charged between €245 and €925 for the procedure.