Saolta hospital group rejects INMO claim that hospital not using escalation policy

The Saolta hospital is rejecting claims by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Orngsiation that the hospital isn’t implementing the proper escalation policy despite the very high patient’s numbers waiting for admission to the facility.

A total of 40 people were waiting for admission to beds at the hospital today and the INMO industrial representative said she believes the situation could get a lot worse because the escalation policy didn’t seem to be in evidence at the hospital.

Maura Hickey who is industrial relations officer with the INMO for the North West says there is an obvious problem with bed capacity at the hospital which doesn’t have enough beds to cope with the increased population of recent years.

She also says the hospital wasn’t implementing the escalation policy that other hospitals do to try to alleviate overcrowding,

This afternoon a statement on behalf of the hospital group says an escalation plan has been implemented at the hospital.

The statement says measures include working closely with community colleagues to enable more discharges where appropriate to community facilities, and additional ward rounds in the hospital to discharge patients where appropriate.

There hasn’t been any public notice issued to date asking people to stay away from the hospital where possible due to overcrowding.