Rooskey hotel sealed off as crime scene

Gardaí have sealed off the Shannon Key West Hotel at Rooskey as a crime scene after a second attack at the premises last night.

Fire services spent three hours at the scene, with the Garda investigation led by Leitrim Superintendent Kevin English.

The hotel is earmarked for 80 asylum-seekers, but their arrival is strongly opposed by many Rooskey residents.


On January 10, there was a suspected arson attack at the facility and last night it was once again the subject of emergency services’ attention.

At about 9.30pm, Mohill and Strokestown fire brigades arrived at the hotel after a report of an attempt being made to start a fire, with Mohill’s unit remaining there for more than three hours.

No serious damage was caused.

There was also a considerable Garda presence at the hotel, led by Superintendent English, who instructed the area be sealed off and the adjoining road be closed.

It’s officially a crime scene.

The gardaí cordoned off the area
The gardaí cordoned off the area

A balcony area on the first floor of the hotel was also sealed off and Garda investigators spent considerable time examining this area during the early hours of this morning.

Gardaí remain at the scene, with the road still closed and diversions in place.