Paradub on brink of deal with Rooskey hotel owner

The possibility of a direct-provision centre opening at Rooskey has been cast into considerable doubt this afternoon.

It’s understood James Kiernan, who owns the Shannon Key West Hotel, is on the brink of selling it to a group of investors who hope to open it as a hotel.

Earlier this year, Paradub Limited, of which Strokestown solicitor Phelim O’Neill is a director, unveiled plans to buy the property and convert it into a four-hotel hotel.

But it emerged last month that Mr Kiernan, the owner, instead intended leasing the premises for use as a centre for asylum-seekers.

But Paradub initiated high court proceedings aimed at preventing the lease to Abbey Castle Accommodation and aimed at completing the sale to them.

They hope to open it as a four-star hotel.

In the past 48 hours, significant progress has been made in talks between both parties.

They are on the brink of a compromise, ahead of the next scheduled court hearing on January 11th.

It’s understood this could result in the sale of the property to Paradub.

This would cast considerable doubt over the Department of Justice’s plans to accommodate asylum-seekers in the hotel in January because Paradub opposes these plans.