Owner: Rooskey hotel won’t become refugee centre

The owner of the Shannon Key West Hotel at Rooskey has quashed rumours that it’s set to become a refugee centre.

Speaking from the US tonight, James Kiernan says he intends to soon complete the sale of the Leitrim premises to Paradub Limited, which intends to reopen it as a hotel.

The 39-bedroom building was purchased by Kiernan, a Dublin-based production engineer, in 2013, but has been closed for several years.


Last July Kiernan was granted a liquor licence, a condition for its sale to a new owner.

Yet the prospective buyer of the hotel, Paradub Limited, whose main investor is from Co Roscommon, has organised a public meeting for tomorrow night.

They fear the sale is in jeopardy because an application has been made to the Department of Justice for it to be used as an emergency reception and orientation centre.

The department is currently tendering for a premises to operate as such accommodation for Syrian asylum-seekers and refugees.

Yet Kiernan insisted he has no such plans for the Shannon Key West Hotel.

He says an application may have been lodged in his name, with his permission, by a person previously interested in purchasing the property, but that party is no longer in the fray.

Kiernan says he remains committed to the sale to Paradub and, although he’s frustrated with the pace of the transaction, he still expects it to close shortly.

It’s understood the sale price is in the region of €600,000.