New survey expected to show large increase in afforestation in Co. Leitrim

It’s expected that a new survey of total forest cover being carried out at present will show a large increase in afforestation in county Leitrim.

According to 2012 figures, 16.7 percent of Leitrim and 10.2 percent of Roscommon were covered in forestry in 2012.

The National Forestry inventory is currently carrying out an additional survey, with results expected by the middle of this year.

According to figures from the Department of Agriculture, a total of 434 hectares of land were described as being afforested in 2016, with 24 hectares planted up to the 3rd of March already this year in Leitrim.

In Roscommon 435 hectares were planted last year, with 36 hectares planted already this year up to the beginning of this month.

Figures for Longford were unavailable.