CSO crime figures reveal marked increase in sexual offences recorded in Sligo-Leitrim

Gardai in Sligo-Leitrim have recorded a significant rise in the number of sexual offences recorded in the second quarter of this year.

According to new CSO crime stats, there was also a sharp rise in the number of people detected drink driving, while seven motorists were detected drug driving.

Gardai in Roscommon-Longford have also recorded a drop in the number of theft and related offences in quarter 2 of 2019.

Gardai recorded almost 3,300 sexual offences in the year to June.

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that is 9.2 percent more than the previous 12-month period.

In Sligo-Leitrim a 40 rise in sexual offences was recorded – with the figure increasing from 16 to 24.

The north-west garda division, also saw a rise in the number of drivers detected drunk behind the wheel, with 49 drivers stopped by Gardai in quarter two, compared to 31 in quarter one – a rise of 45%.

Burglary offences also rose in the division, with an almost doubling of detection of thefts from shops and public order offences also saw a significant rise

In Roscommon-Longford, there was drop in the number of theft and related offences, from 165 to 120 in the space of three months.

Controlled drug offences did report an increase of 52 to 75 and possession of drugs for personal use also increased.
Thirty-one drivers across thew division were detected driving drunk, while 11 drivers were found to have drugs in their system while behind the wheel.

The number of incidents of arson have also doubled, rising from five at the beginning of the year, to ten in quarter two.

One offence of prostitution was also recorded in Roscommon-Longford in the second half of this year.