Mental health watchdog report very critical of Sligo/Leitrim facilty

The watchdog has found a Sligo/Leitrim mental health facility had bathrooms in a ‘very poor state’ and an ongoing ‘malodorous smell’ in two bedrooms.

The Mental Health Commission identified a total of 13 noncompliances in the rehab and recovery mental health unit at St John’s Hospital in Sligo.



Last November and December, the commission carried out an unannounced inspection on the unit, managed by the Sligo/Leitrim Mental Health Service.

During the visit, there were 20 residents in the facility.

Of the 13 ‘noncompliances’ found, seven were given a high-risk rating, including the premises itself.

It says there were chipped tiles in the male and female bathrooms, chipped paint in the dormitories and internal corridor area.

The watchdog claims the shower screens in both bathrooms were broken and the shower head in one bathroom was also damaged.

Both bathrooms were deemed to be in a ‘very poor state or repair’, while there was ‘a malodourous smell in two bedrooms on an ongoing basis’.

Overall, the commission said there was significant maintenance issues.

Another ‘high-risk’ rating was staffing, with the ‘number and skill-mix of staffing not sufficient to meet residents’ needs’.

The commission also claims there were long periods during the days of inspection when there was no recreational activity for residents, with access to such activity in general said to be ‘very limited’.

The HSE hasn’t responded to requests for comment, but has outlined to the commission how it will address the issues highlighted.