LISTEN: OPW says work on Jamestown weir would not prevent homes being flooded

The Chairman of the Office of Public Works says work on Jamestown weir while important, will not prevent floods from entering people’s homes.

The Carrick on Shannon Flood Risk group made their case to Maurice Buckley that work needs to be carried out at the weir to improve the flow of water from the town down river.

They believe this needs to be prioritised ahead of a flood defense project in Carrick on Shannon which could save on scale and cost.


Mr Buckley says that while there is a case for clearing blockages, it may not have as much an impact when there’s flooding on a large scale.

Mr Buckley says that a maintenance programme on the Shannon has been approved but it will not take place for two to three years while the required environmental reports are completed.

Hear the full interview with Maurice Buckley here.