Leitrim man struggled to pay hospital parking charge during cancer treatment

A Leitrim man who shared his cancer story says he barely had enough money to pay hospital parking charges during treatment.

Michael Finnegan, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015, recently raised awareness of the hidden costs of the illness and stated he went through all of his savings in just a year during his treatment.

According to the Carrigallen native, he spent “everything” he had and didn’t share his story because of the sense of shame he felt at being unable to provide for himself.

The Irish Cancer Society’s latest Cost of Fighting Cancer revealed people diagnosed with the disease are spending an average of €756 extra every month, while losing around €18,000 a year in earnings.

Speaking on the Joe Finnegan Show this morning, Mr Finnegan says things came to a head when he wondered if he’d have enough money to get out of a clinic car park: